A Weekend at the Kimpton Rowan Palm Springs

Palm Springs or better known as the ultimate Californian golf haven, is surprisingly just a short hour and a half drive from good ol’ sunny San Diego. Well I guess now a days, Palm Springs is more known for hosting Coachella and Stage Coach. As for me, I would rather partake in the golf. I mean have you ever been to a venue that has margaritas on tap?? Many golf Courses do. If you’ve never played a round of golf where the snack cart has margaritas on tap, you have yet to live life to its full potential. Ok, I’m getting off track, let’s talk about our weekend at The Kimpton Rowan.

The Kimpton Rowan is located in the center of downtown Palm Springs with two restaurants, a lobby bar, bright and clean guestrooms and a stunning rooftop pool and bar. The location couldn’t be more perfect. We were walking distance to everything we wanted to do. Now if we actually walked to any of our destinations is an entirely different story…but it can be done! I’ve seen it with my own eyes!

I’ll let these photos of the décor do most of the talking but come on, this place is beautifully decorated. Me being born in the 90’s, am not used to this kind of décor so I found it extremely trendy and easy on the eyes. My mom however, kept getting flashbacks from her childhood. By the look on her face when she would say this, I don’t think she was quite as keen on the décor as I was.

The rooms were bright and simple and had everything you could possibly want. We were upgraded to a spa suite thanks to some awesome friends and it was absolutely beautiful. The beds were comfortable and although I didn’t get a photo, the bathroom in this room type was a shower. Literally, half of the huge bathroom was a shower. How cool is that!?

As one does once you check-in and get all of your belongings into the room, you immediately check out the lobby bar. I love lobby bars. I usually decide if I want to stay somewhere based on whether or not they have one, or at least in close proximity to the lobby. And it’s not because I’m desperate for constant access to alcohol, although that does depend on certain factors of a trip, it’s because it is what I like to call “home-base.” Feet need a break from site seeing? Lobby bar. Need to cool down when you’re somewhere hot and humid? Lobby bar. Group gets separated while out and about? Lobby Bar. Waiting for others to get ready for dinner? Lobby Bar. You get the jist. And honestly, it’s up to you if you want to get a cockatoo (cocktail) during each visit. But honestly, why not? You’re on vacation; you deserve that delicious cockatoo under every one of those scenarios.

Now that I’ve gone into great detail about my love for lobby bars, let me tell you about The Window Bar. Ok, first off, the décor is on point. Although the seating at the bar is extremely limited, there are multiple couches and chairs where one can lounge with said cockatoo. Bonus points if you have a cocker spaniel as well. The drink menu is diverse and very unique which I absolutely love. I hate when I go somewhere exciting and new and they have most basic drinks on the menu. BORING. My favorite was the One Blind Buck, which has absolute vodka, allspice, ginger, strawberry, lime and mint. UM, YES PLEASE.

The mixologists here are simply incredible. They are so creative and if you describe your favorite drink, they will make it for you but no less than 10x better than you’ve ever had. For example, my mom and brother are connoisseurs of chocolate espresso martinis. Everywhere we go, usually in place of dessert, they will order one. They’ve been on the hunt for the last couple of years for the best, and they thought they had found it back home in San Diego, until the mixologist here at the Window Bar was like, “hold by beer” and blew their damn minds.

Another reason I love lobby bars is that you get the opportunity to meet some of the most fascinating people. As I approached the bar after we checked in, there was an empty seat next to a woman who was just absolutely radiant. She had the best smile, and this may be really weird, but she also had the best set of teeth to match that smile. Like you could tell she had never had to get any permanent teeth removed. I on the other hand, have had multiple removed so I guess this is why I notice such things. This lady was an absolute hoot. We first bonded over living in the same area (Visalia), but what made me love her even more was when she said, “It’s a great place, but my dreams were far too big for that town.” I hung on every word after that. She told me about her days singing and performing in Reno and Las Vegas and then moving on to Palm Springs where she has performed for the last 20 years. You could tell she has lived her life by her own terms and she looked incredibly happy. She was actually one of the residents of Palm Springs that protested the building of the new Kimpton Rowan because of the height of the building. When it opened she entered the bar and immediately told the mixologist exactly what she thought about this new establishment. This was nothing these magicians of mixologists couldn’t handle. They promptly won her over with their amazing drinks. She is now a weekly regular. When she had finished her One Blind Buck, she signed her bill, turned to the rest of the bar and sang a single line, “The time has comeeeeee,” smiled her radiant smile and floated out the exit. I was in awe. I’m still in awe.

If my sources are correct, I believe the Kimpton Rowan is home to the only rooftop bar/pool in all of Palm Springs. I am LOVING the cushions on the lounge chairs! Every chair has a good view of the surrounding mountains and it is quite an enjoyable place to nurse a hangover. The pool menu was ok. I wish they had more options for sandwiches besides a burger and a lobster roll. Their fries were bomb though, which lets be honest, that’s all that really matters anyway.

We didn’t get a chance to eat at the top floor restaurant, 4 Saints, which looked beautiful, but we did try the downstairs café. Juniper Table is a cute little café/coffee shop. We came down here for lunch from the pool since we weren’t too keen on the pool menu. Their veggie sandwich was absolutely delicious! Although they don’t advertise it, we asked if they could add some chicken to the sandwich and they happily catered to our request. It seems like a cool area to hangout with friends/family. They had corn hole set up as well as jumbo jenga and some other fun looking games. The outside patio looked out into the busy streets of Palm Springs so it would also be a good place to people watch.

I’m sure as soon as you check into your room and look at the view, you’ll see a giant mountain. You’ll look closer and actually see people hiking UP the damn thing. Naturally, we had to try it. The hike is called the Museum Trail and the entrance is just a short walk from the hotel just past the art museum. We had it in our heads that this would be a nice leisurely walk up the mountain but we quickly realized you had to actually work for this hike. There are a lot of rocks and the path is very narrow so make sure you are wearing proper hiking shoes on this hike. While we didn’t make it up to the very top, we got pretty far up and the view is absolutely incredible.

Now for more food talk! For our breakfasts, we got room service at the hotel. The menu is actually pretty good and the overnight oats were AMAZING. A few other restaurants I recommend are:

Copley’s – Once Cary Grant’s guesthouse, this restaurant has been converted into a restaurant serving up delicious classic cuisine. Try and get a table on the patio, the ambiance is so romantic!

Bootlegger Tiki – Looking for a place for some fun drinks after dinner? This is your spot! However, beware. When they say on the menu, “Limit 2 per Person” they mean it. Those suckers are strong!

Le Vallauris – A wonderful French restaurant just a short walk from the Kimpton Rowan. Hands down the best meal we had while in town!

Norma’s – Located in the insta famous Parker Hotel, this is the spot for brunch! The vibe in itself should be enough to get you to come hang out and have some brunch cocktails but the food is also pretty yummy.

After such a great weekend at The Kimpton Rowan, I will definitely be back! If you’re looking for a place to stay for your next trip, I highly recommend this hotel. Please let me know if you’ve stayed here or plan on staying here! I would love to hear your experience and stories!

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