Glamping in Zion National Park

Glamping in Zion with Under Canvas

I couldn’t have been luckier that my first glamping experience was with Under Canvas in Zion National Park. Glamping has changed the game! I’m officially spoiled and I’m not sure if I can ever go back to the traditional tent and sleeping bag routine. This is your official warning, keep reading and you too might get drawn to the other side. 

view of zion from tent while glamping in zion national park

I grew up in Central California so camping in Sequoia National Park was a regular occurrence. It usually involved a tent or my father’s tent trailer, sleeping bags and peeing in the woods. When I noticed glamping starting to take off in 2016 and 2017, I couldn’t wait to experience it myself. Man, was I blown away at all what Under Canvas Zion had to offer.

How to Get to Under Canvas Zion

There are two ways to get to Under Canvas Zion. Driving, if you’re within a drivable distance or flying into one of the nearby airports McCarran International Airport (Las Vegas, NV) or St. George Regional Airport (St. George, UT). Once you’re at camp, you’re only about 20 minutes from the entrance of Zion National Park.

lobby tent at under canvas zion

The drive from Las Vegas is about 3-hours to camp and the drive from St. George is only about 45-minutes. I took a bit of a longer route and did a little road trip from San Diego. San Diego is about a 7-hour drive. A little pit-stop in Las Vegas for lunch or dinner and you’ve got yourself the perfect little day road-trip.

glamping tents at zion national park

Funny story, after we stopped at one of the casinos for a bit before finishing the last few hours of the drive, it crossed our minds momentarily to stay the night there and continue the drive in the morning. Las Vegas sure knows how to suck you in! In the end we decided against that and I’m so glad we did. I would have been bummed missing out on a night glamping in beautiful Zion National Park. 

When we checked in at Under Canvas Zion, we told the front desk agent that we almost stayed the night in Las Vegas. He laughed and said we wouldn’t believe how many people forfeit their first night to spend some time in Vegas. I tell ya, that place will get you.  

Glamping Options at Under Canvas Zion

Under Canvas has many accommodation options to enjoy your time glamping in the amazing Zion National Park. I settled on the Deluxe tent which has a king-sized bed, an actual functioning toilet, shower and sink, a wood-burning stove and your own private deck with chairs to enjoy the beautiful views.

glamping tent in zion national park

They also have options for suites, stargazing tents and even tents for children. The deluxe room is actually pretty spacious and very well decorated to reflect the tones of the beautiful park which is viewable right from your room. The king-sized bed was very comfy and the shower and sink actually had decent water pressure which surprised me. Also surprising was the fact that they offered daily housekeeping! I thought this was a nice touch and really emphasized the glamping aspect. 

Now take note, the tents do not have air conditioning, power or wifi. I stayed at the camp in October so the lack of air-conditioning didn’t really bother me. It would get quite warm during the day time but would cool down to a comfortable sleeping temperature at night. I was out exploring the park during the day and I can’t imagine too many guests hang out in their tent all day. 

stove fire place inside glamping tent in zion national park

The rooms do have battery operated fans and lanterns for your use. The lanterns have USB slots in them so you can charge your cell phone. I would highly recommend bringing your own battery bank to charge electronics or at least bring a couple as back up. I’m not sure how long the batteries in the lanterns last. 

The lack of wifi was probably the hardest amenity to live without. Some cellular services have a bit of service in the area but of course I have AT&T and they literally don’t have service anywhere. It’s even terrible in San Diego. Every once in a while, I would get a bar and rush to text my family that I was fine and didn’t have wifi. Other than worrying about my family worrying about me, it was actually quite nice to disconnect for a couple of days. 

Finally, the tents do not lock. There are two layers, the hard canvas layer that zips as well as a mesh layer that zips up behind that. But don’t worry, the site is extremely safe and there is always someone in the lobby area 24/7 keeping an eye on everything. I would recommend, out of precaution, that if you leave during the day for adventures, to take your valuables with you if you’re anxious about anything happening.

Dining at Under Canvas Zion

The camp only has one restaurant located in the lobby area that serves breakfast, lunch and dinner at an additional cost. Now let me tell you, we may be camping, excuse me, glamping, but the food was next level. I went in expecting simple camp-like meals but oh man, we got much, much better. They have steaks, burgers, tacos, curries, etc. This is definitely not your usual camping cuisine and I am here for it!

inside dining table at under canvas zion

They also offer grab and go options to take with you on your adventures during the day. After hiking in Zion, I had planned to stop at one of the cute restaurants right outside the park afterward so I did not purchase a grab and go meal so I can’t comment much on those.

When dining at camp, they have seating inside as well as a beautiful outdoor area to enjoy your meal. The outdoor section has twinkly lights and they even have live music some nights which adds just about a million bonus points. Add that to the already incredible ambiance of gazing out on the outer edge of Zion National Park and you’ve got yourself the perfect night!

Many of the tables are communal and we ended up meeting so many interesting people during our stay. People from all different areas of the US and abroad and they all had different reasons for staying at Under Canvas Zion. Some were road tripping to the east coast and just staying for a night to enjoy the property, some were there for hiking adventures and some had jumped on the glamping train and wanted to see what it was all about! Everyone was so friendly!

Camp Activities

When I stayed a couple of years ago, there weren’t too many on-site activities offered at the time but after looking at their website recently, I noticed they offer quite a variety now. They have everything from smores, which were offered when I was there and was quite a nice night cap, to yoga, to beach volleyball and much more!

Hiking in Zion National Park

Obviously, one of the main reasons people are glamping at Under Canvas Zion, is the close proximity to Zion National Park. With it only being about a 20-minute drive to the entrance, it makes sense many people chose this accommodation as their post. I only had enough time for one day in the park and I tried my best to make the most of it.

With it being October, the park was still quite busy with tourists so I decided to avoid the most popular hikes like Angels Landing and The Narrows. I ended up hiking a very underrated trail called the Watchman Trail. I couldn’t believe my eyeballs once I reached the top. Zion is BEAUTIFUL! It was an amazing experience. 

view from the top of the watchman trail in zion

After hiking the Watchman Trail, I drove around the park as much as possible (which isn’t much) to soak in as many views as I could. I wish I had more time to do more hikes but I’ll just have to come back another time. Staying at Under Canvas Zion of course!

So, tell me, have I convinced you to go the glamorous side of glamping yet? I hope this post has peaked your interest and if you’re looking for a good spot to try it out, I highly recommend glamping in Zion National Park. This particular camp is open from March-November. I actually recommend any of the Under Canvas locations, they have glamping dialed in! Under Canvas has locations in Moab, Lake Powell, Great Smoky Mountains, Grand Canyon, Mount Rushmore, Acadia, Yellowstone, and Glacier. I definitely plan on making future reservations at some of these locations.

Have you ever been glamping? Tell me where you went and what your favorite part of the camp was. I’ll be writing a post about glamping in Big Sur at the beautiful Treebones Resort. Keep an eye out for that one!

Thank you for reading!

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Glamping in Zion with Under Canvas

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